RSA Community


Welcome to our online community home page.  We encourage you to look around and get involved!  The navigation bar to your left shows several options you can choose from.  

RSA Members' Stories - These are the testimonials of some of our members.  They tell some of what it was like for them before recovery, how they got into recovery, and what it is like for them now (as of the time they wrote their testimonial).  

RSA Meeting Directory - Check out our online directory of all of our meetings.  You can use the scrolling list on the left side of the page, or click on the push pins on the map.  Zoom in and get directions if needed.  Contact information is listed for all meetings, please follow the instructions on the meeting page.  Don't see a meeting listed in your area?  Check out our FAQ page to see how to get one going where you live!

Forums (TEMPORARILY OFFLINE DUE TO SPAMMER ABUSE) - These are old fashioned bulletin boards, where you post a message for others to read and they can reply.  Our forums were destroyed in a cyber attack and so there are not many messages posted yet.  Please let us know you visited by posting a "Hello" message!  We do have volunteers monitoring the boards and someone will reply to your posting.  Welcome!