Q:  I am looking for a face-to-face meeting, and can’t find any listed in the RSA Meeting Directory in my area. What do I do?
A: Several other Christian recovery ministries have in person meetings. They may not be twelve step programs, but they will be helpful. Check out the listing of other important resources on our Important Links page. Have you considered starting an RSA Meeting yourself? Read our FAQ on starting a meeting.
Q:  I would like to start a meeting in my area. How do I proceed?
A: To start an RSA participation meeting, all you really need are at least two people who want to get sober, the RSA Start-up Kit, and a place to meet. The Start-up Kit contains all the materials we use in our participation meeting format (The Problem, The Solution, What is Sobriety?, Participation Guidelines, and the Leader’s Guide). The Kit is available for a small donation online in our store. A downloadable version is available, or you can order a hard-copy kit to be sent by mail. We also provide support for those individuals starting up a meeting. One of our Meeting Mentors will help guide you through the process via telephone and/or email. If you are working to set the meeting up through a church, we are happy to communicate with the church’s administrative or pastoral staff to facilitate the answering of any questions they may have. Order your Start-up Kit and then contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Q:  What is a "Meeting Mentor"
A: A "Meeting Mentor" is simply a volunteer with at least one year of RSA sobriety who serves as a mentor for someone who is starting an RSA meeting without at least a year of sobriety of their own. Facilitating a meeting can sometimes be challenging and it can be helpful to draw upon the wisdom of experience. The Meeting Mentor provides encouragement, support, direction, guidance and prayer coverage for the facilitator. The Mentor helps to identify and activate various resources to meet the needs of the meeting.
Q:  How can I support RSA Ministries?
A: RSA Ministries is a not for profit organization (501c3) and donations of cash or property are tax deductible. We are able to accept donations online via our “Donate Now” link. Donations of vehicles and property are accepted as well. If you have property you wish to donate, please contact our offices by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by snail-mail at our office. Donations by check should be sent directly to our office (see address below).
Q:  What is a sponsor?
A: A sponsor is someone with at least a year of sobriety gained through twelve step program work of their own, who commits to being available to guide you through your own twelve step work.
Q:  What is an accountability partner?
A: An accountability partner is someone who is similar to you in their recovery journey. They provide mutual accountability, prayer support, and commit to being available for those important contacts when temptation is strong. See our list of “Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Accountability Partner.”