The first RSA meeting was started in 1993 and was held on the campus of Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest, California. Twenty-four men gathered on that first night. All of them came honestly seeking God’s truth for themselves about their sexual behaviors. Gradually over the next few weeks, the twenty-four became twenty, then sixteen, then eight, then four, and for a few weeks, there were only two. However, those two men had committed themselves to this work of sobriety and they were going to come whether or not anybody else came. God honored their commitment. During the next several months, the two became three, then four, then eight, then twelve, then twenty, and by the end of the first year, twenty-four men were meeting together again. They rejoiced in their newfound brotherhood and the freedom they discovered in their relationships with Jesus. They prayed together, shared together, hurt together and laughed together, and most importantly, they grew sober together. In 2008, the group continues to be a strong and growing group with attendance of over 60 men on most Friday nights. Many of those men are now sharing their wisdom, hope, and strength with others who struggle with this addiction.

The first meeting, a “participation meeting”, was set-up as a “turn-key” program that could be taken anywhere. All that is necessary is to have at least two men who are willing to commit to working on their sobriety. A “Start-up kit” was created, and today there are multiple meetings in many different states, plus Canada. Interest is building in other countries: Spain, Chile, and England.

In 1995 a program for spouses was established and was called “Renewal from Co-Sexual Addiction”, or “R-CoSA”. Committed to working their own program and finding the love they need through their relationship with Christ instead of through their husbands, these courageous women chose to let go of the insanity of attempting to control uncontrollable people, places, and things, and let God control their lives. Today, the Lord is starting new RCoSA meetings in many areas of the country.

In 1997 the first RSA meeting for women was started, “RSA-W,” or Renewal from Sexual Addiction for Women. This meeting is unique in the world as it provides a safe haven for women with compulsive sexual behaviors to gather to share in their strength, hope, and wisdom and seek recovery through their relationship with Christ Jesus.

In 1999 the first RSA Step Study meeting was held, and a First Step study guide was developed. Step Study guides for all Twelve Steps are now available for purchase through our online store.