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Men’s Heath on Chanel no.5

In 2009, Men’s Health magazine reported that a study utilizing MRIs revealed that men inhaling Chanel No. 5 had the same areas in their brains activated that are stimulated by viewing erotic images.  Additionally, Chanel No. 5 also stimulated three other areas of the brain that are activated during sexual behaviors. Huh, and we all just thought it smelled “good.” 

What’s the moral to the story? Are you in as much control of your mind as you think you are? Or are you being subjected to manipulation by the advertising and marketing geniuses of this world to separate you from your dollar bills? You think you have made an “independent” choice, but how can you be, if Chanel No. 5 can impact your brain as described above, and you are not aware that your brain is being led down the lusty path by your literal nose? 

Makes you wonder…hmmm, what else is there I don’t know?


Rev., Dr. Laird Bridgman, Psy.D.

Founder, Renewed Hope/RSA Ministries

Krishna is God of love, tenderness and compassion. Krishna is one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities. Krishna’s festival is the symbol for the supreme beauty, bliss of life, luxury, and happiness. He teaches us to live our yoga, and stay in union with God.

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