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    Thousands of men and women struggle with sex addiction. If you’re seeking help or support, you’ve come to the right place.

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Do I Have a Problem With Sex Addiction?

A fellowship of men and women coming together to battle sexual addiction!

RSA Ministries

is a fellowship of men and women who have struggled with compulsive sexual behaviors, and of those who love them, and who share their experience, strength, and hope for recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors through the Christ. We are a community of believers who have found that our common struggle is God’s opportunity. Each day we work at allowing God to transform our lives by the renewal of our minds.

We are a 12 Step program, and our members meet both face-to-face in our live meetings, and online support. If you have struggled with compulsive sexual behaviors, or love someone who does, then you are in the right place! Come and join us

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As a fellowship of recovering people at RSA Ministries, we strive to make our website an online community where people can safely connect with other recovering people and share of their strength, hope, and love. We ask that you register with us to access the full range of services and information that we have available inside. This helps to provide a controlled access to minimize the damage that hackers and spammers seek to achieve on sites like ours. Please register using the controls to the left of the window. All that is required is that you be an adult over 18 years of age, register using a valid email address, and agree to abide by our User Agreement. We encourage everyone to practice anonymity so please choose a username that is not your real name. No duplicate user names are allowed, and an email address can only be registered for one user.

Once you are registered you will find access to our online recovery community including our directory of meetings, our online store with recovery program materials , books, and other resources available.

Please register today and join our growing online community of recovering believers.

The RSA Story

The first meeting, a “participation meeting”, was set-up as a “turn-key” program that could be taken anywhere. All that is necessary is to have at least two men who are willing to commit to working on their sobriety. A “Start-up kit” was created, and today there are multiple meetings in many different states, plus Canada. Interest is building in other countries: Spain, Chile, and England.

A program for spouses was then established and was called “Renewal from Co-Sexual Addiction”, or “R-CoSA”. Committed to working their own program and finding the love they need through their relationship with Christ instead of through their husbands, these courageous women chose to let go of the insanity of attempting to control uncontrollable people, places, and things, and let God control their lives. Today, the Lord is starting new RCoSA meetings in many areas of the country.

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New Update

New and Improved!

Due to cyber attacks we have had to completely rebuild our online community. Unfortunately we lost all of our old Forums and threads, so we are starting fresh and new here in 2012! It is as if our community is starting all over again, but…
Dayton Meetings

New Men's Participation Meeting! Dayton, Ohio

We are happy to announce another new participation meeting for men. This meeting is in the Dayton, Ohio area. Please visit our meeting directory for details. If you are unable to see our meeting directory it means that you have not completed…